Destiny Marko is a Bronx, NY Born Latin American Singer. Both her Parents are from Puerto Rico; her Puerto Rican Heritage and New York Upbringing have led to her Unique Sound. Destiny Has been singing basically since she could walk. She was the Worship leader at her High School, and that Stuck With her. In 2017 she became a worship pastor at Evangel Church. In the middle of the 2020 lockdowns, God asked her to take a leap of faith, to start a solo singing Career. In a back room of the church, she set up a small studio, and recorded Amor Amor Amor, with her Producer on Zoom. Since then God has taken her around the country, spread her music around the world, and allowed her to work with so many talented People.
Destiny sees all God has done with her music as the greatest opportunity of her life, the opportunity to spread God’s love to the whole world. Her heart is truly for the community, so much so that during 2020, while launching her career, Destiny and her husband Andrew helped start 9 Million Reasons, a non-profit that seeks to help those in need in and around NYC.


9 Million Reasons

In my heart lies a passion for outreach. This Passion has led me to support  a non-profit organization called “9 Million Reasons.” My Husband and I helped start 9MR as an Outreach of Evangel Church in New York City.  9MR has been operating a food pantry and other community services since 2013. During the pandemic 9MR stepped up to fill a huge void in the City. With Demand for food surging as more and more people were out of work, 9MR expanded. 9MR went from serving 500 families on a weekend to becoming a full scale food hub distributing enough food to serve 9000 families everyday, 6 days a week. Since 2020 9MR has distributed over 60 million pounds of food to hundreds of thousands of individuals and helped supply close to 300 distribution sites around the city. 9MR also delivered to peoples homes who were sick, or had elderly families. Close to 40,000 deliveries were made during 2020 and 2021. So many people in NYC have always been in need, however, since the pandemic the need has increased 100 fold. In late 2022 a new need arose, to help the migrants arriving by the thousands to NYC. 9MR has stepped up and partnered with the NYC Mayor’s office to help provide food, clothing, hygiene, baby supplies, and everything else you can imagine to hundreds of families every day. Even with the needs from the pandemic lessening, many new needs still remain. 
Supporting 9MR means supporting NYC

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