Destiny Marko was born on December 16th 1994 in New York, NY. She is an accomplished Singer/Songwriter and inspirational worship director who is in love with Jesus. Her love for music was obvious at a very young age when she became fascinated with the church microphone where her parents attended. Destiny knew that microphone was for singing and when she got her hands on it, she was extremely reluctant to relinquish it. She wanted to sing. At age 3, her pastor would allow her to lead a song for worship. By the age of 13 she became one of the main vocalists in her Youth Worship Team at Crossway Church. During this time she was also dubbed an official prominent vocalist at her church where she was able to shine for Jesus with her vocal ability. Destiny chose Evangel Christian School in LIC for her High School years and studied there from 2008-2012. Again, she sought out opportunities to sing. Destiny was so in love with worship that she joined the Student Worship Team, where she then became the main Worship Leader. At the age of 17, Destiny left her hometown in Bronx, New York to attend Nyack College in Rockland County, New York. After Nyack, she began to attend Evangel Church in Long Island City and later became the Worship Leader at their church. She eventually moved to LIC, Queens, where she currently resides with her husband, Andrew Marko and her son, Colton Robert. Her husband Andrew is the grandson of Rev. Robert Johansson, Evangel’s Second pastor and son of Rev. Stefan Marko, the third Pastor of Evangel. Andrew plans to follow in their footsteps. For the past 3 ½ years, Destiny has served as the Worship Leader at Evangel Church and demonstrates a great passion for the community and outreach in her heart. She is extremely passionate about giving people an opportunity to experience what they feel they may be lacking – Love and Hope. Destiny has been part of various Christian/Gospel Productions and was a member of the gospel group, Generation Worship. She has also worked and worshipped alongside many local Christian artists. She is currently working on her first Spanish debut single titled, “Amor, Amor, Amor” That is scheduled to be released in May, 2020.

9 Million Reasons

In my heart lies such a passion for outreach. Because of this, I have decided that 100% of the proceeds that go towards purchasing any of my original music, will go into a non-profit organization called “9 Million Reasons” which was birthed from my home church – Evangel Church. We have a food pantry and with COVID-19 taking over these recent days, we have decided to open up our food pantry to 6 days a week and we are now making deliveries to those in need. We are raising money to be able to provide food and supplies for those New Yorkers who need it. We have already gotten close to 2,000 requests for food and supplies from all over the city. Many calls from the elderly who are shut in in their homes, many from those who have the virus and don’t want to infect others, and many from those who are disabled and aren’t able to leave the house. We have heard from so many people who can’t make ends meet because they haven’t gotten a pay check due to layoffs and furloughs from the corona virus. These people are in desperate need, and we need your help to help them. We need help paying for supplies to hand out, help paying for gas and tolls, help paying for our phone bill, it has increased 5000% since we started fielding calls, help to buy more refrigeration space, our fridges are no longer enough to handle the amount of food we are giving out. We are so blessed to have you on this Journey!